Parent Corner

Rules and Policies

“NEA’s Shoes Only” Policy - We require children and staff to wear shoes inside our center that have not been worn outside. Playing on the floor is a big part of childhood experience and we want to keep our space as clean and healthy for children as possible. Slippers and shoe covers are provided for visitors.

Birthday Celebrations & Special treats - If you wish to send a special birthday or holiday treat, please speak to us ahead of time.

Parent–Teacher Conferences – Conducted once a year in Spring. A detailed evaluation report will be provided.

Parents' Night Out – We offer Parents' Night-Outs.  See calendar for dates.


Parent Checklist

Please, bring the following on the 1st day of school:

1. “Indoor only” pair of shoes (please no slippers or crocs)
2. A comfort toy for nap time
3. Change of clothes (pants, shirts, socks, underwear), numerous changes of clothing      when toilet training
4. Blanket & pillow
5. Water bottle