What makes us eco-friendly?

New Einsteins Academy is proud to provide an eco-friendly operation and strives to ensure that our environment is as healthy, safe, and green as possible.

Facility Chicago’s Green Depot was our supplier for environmentally friendly building materials. All of the paints used in our facility are odor-free with zero-VOC, floors are made of cork and our cabinets have no off-gassing compounds. We adhere to the policy of low energy consumption by using high-efficiency appliances and CFLs.

Classrooms To achieve excellent indoor air quality and reduce the children’s exposure to toxins, NEA uses non-toxic, sustainable and non-allergenic materials throughout the facility. Our furniture is made of wood that comes from responsibly managed forests and passes the most stringent tests for indoor emissions. All of our classrooms have abundant natural light and all of the play and craft paper that we use is recycled.

Toys - We carefully choose toys, art supplies, and learning materials that are free from harmful chemicals and lead. We make every effort to select toys that are made from sustainable materials and come from manufactures that demonstrate environmental responsibility.

Food and kitchen - - Our food is catered by Gourmet Gorilla, Inc., which obtains all of its produce from certified organic purveyors, and local, urban and rural sustainable farms. The meats are free range, grass fed and all natural. They have not been subjected to artificial growth hormones and antibiotics, or artificial preservatives. Gourmet Gorilla avoids GMO where possible and is a nut free facility. Ingredients come from local farms whenever possible and oils with trans fats are never used.
We use shatterproof glass dishes and stainless steel forks and spoons. >

Toileting and Diapering – Low-flush toilets are installed in our bathrooms and recycled unbleached paper napkins are provided for drying hands. We use Bambo Nature diapers and wipes, which are the only baby diapers with a certified eco-label, called the Nordic Swan Eco-label.

Cleaning – We use earth-friendly cleaning supplies and least toxic sanitizing products when it is required by state and local authorities.

Pest control – Health Department requires a monthly maintenance inspection for pests. We hired an environmentally-safe pest control company, A-Plus Pest Control, Inc, They offer all-natural, green alternatives (cedar oil, natural enzymes, etc.) to the dangerous chemicals.

Educating our staff – NEA management always shares its “green” ideas and best practices with our entire team. We provide information and tips for going green on the road, at home and, of course, at work by addressing such issues as energy and water use, recycling in the school and at home, reducing the use of disposable cups, plates and takeout containers, and eliminating plastic water bottles.

Recycling – We reuse and recycle as much as possible.